ENEN+ Project - First European Nuclear Competition for Secondary School Pupils

Publication Date: Oct 8th, 2018 12:04, Category: EFOMP Announcements

ENEN+ Project -  First European Nuclear Competition for Secondary School Pupils

The primary motivation of the ENEN+ project is to substantially contribute to the revival of the interest of young generations in careers in the nuclear sector. This is to be achieved by pursuing the following main objectives:

  • Attract new talents to careers in nuclear. 
  • Develop the attracted talents beyond academic curricula. 
  • Increase the retention of attracted talents in nuclear careers. 
  • Involve the nuclear stakeholders within the EU and beyond. 
  • Sustain the revived interest for nuclear careers.  


The task of the participants is to compose a 3-minute video on one or more of the four nuclear disciplines. Suggestions for topics include, but are not limited to: 

  • Jobs in nuclear 
  • Create a story about nuclear 
  • History of nuclear science and technology 
  • Future of nuclear technology 
  • Nuclear in daily life 
  • Radiation for health   

All finalist teams (represented by two students and one accompanying teacher per team) will be eligible for:

  • Economy class round-trip ticket to Budapest, Hungary
  • Accommodation and food during the stay in Budapest
  • Access to the summer school and related technical visits
  • Local cultural visits
  • The winning team will receive a prize. 

Website: https://plus.enen.eu/competition/index.php
Poster: https://plus.enen.eu/competition/pdf/ENEN+_poster_ENC.pdf
Flyer: https://plus.enen.eu/competition/pdf/ENEN+_flyer_ENC.pdf