Lockdown Webinar Series

Publication Date: May 7th, 2020 08:21, Category: EFOMP Announcements

The aim of these lockdown talks is to bring Medical Physicists closer together during the Covid19 time and discuss new working arrangements and challenges in diagnosis and treatment, issues arising in our working environments, novel strategies applied and lessons learned that may improve our practices and services in the future. The webinars are organised by IAPM (Irish Association of Medical Physicists) and EFOMP with contribution from the Societies of Germany, The Netherlands, Sweden and UK. Lectures have a duration of 45 minutes and 15 minutes discussion with audience interaction and polls.
Lockdown videorecordings will be permanently accessible via EFOMP's elearning platform

Please send your questions, comments and suggestions to Paddy Gilligan, Efi Koutsouveli, David Lurie via:  webmaster@efomp.org 


5th Lockdown lecture

"Implementing a system for automated, remote quality assurance in CT, Radiography and Mammography"

Erik Tesselaar, Linköping University Hospital, Sweden - Liz Keavey, Irish Breast Screening Service, Ireland

Tuesday 12th, May 2020 


4th Lockdown lecture

"Radiotherapy Physics during the pandemic: Short term changes and longer term possibilities" 

Brendan McClean, St Luke’s Radiation Oncology Network, Ireland -   Holger Wirtz, Lake of Constance Radiation Oncology Center, Germany

Tuesday 5th, May 2020

3rd Lockdown lecture


“SAR vs SARS, MRI and PPE in the time of COVID” 

Nigel Davies, University Hospitals Birmingham NHS, UK - Niall Colgan,NUI Galway, Ireland - Cormac McGrath, Northern Ireland Regional Medical Physics Service, Ireland

Tuesday 28th, April 2020

2nd Lockdown lecture

A primer on ventilators and organ support systems for medical physicists during the COVID crisis” 

Fran Hegarty, New Children's Hospital, Ireland - Carola van Pul,  Maxima Medical Center, Netherlands 

Tuesday 21st, April 2020

1st Lockdown lecture

“Risk Assessment for Mobile Radiography Outside Intensive Care Units”

Lynn Gaynor, Beaumont Hospital, Ireland 

Tuesday 14th, April 2020