Prof. Dr. Alberto Del Guerra

Born in Pisa 12 September 1944 Married with two sons

(1968)-Degree in Physics-University of Pisa, Italy;

(1968-71)-Boursier in Physics - University of Pisa, Italy

(1971-72) -Researcher of INFN-INFN Branch of Pisa, Italy

(1972-75) - Lecturer in Physics - University of Pisa, Italy

(1975-82) - Assistant Professor of Physics and Lecturer in Physics-University of Pisa, Italy

(1981-82) -Visiting Professor and Fulbright Scholar, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, University of California, USA

(1982-87) -Associate Professor of Physics University of Pisa, Italy

(1987-91) - Full Professor of Physics-University of Napoli "Federico II", Italy

(1991-98) - Full Professor of Medical Physics-University of Ferrara, Italy

(1994-1996)- Chairman of the committee for physics for undergraduates - University of Ferrara, Italy

(1998-to date) - Full Professor of Medical Physics, University of Pisa, Italy

(1999-to date) - Director and Head of the Speciality School in Medical Physics -University of Pisa, Italy

The research activity is in the field of Medical Physics, and particularly in medical imaging for radiology and nuclear medicine. He has been Principal Investigator of numerous research projects financed by CNR, INFN and MURST. He has been Principle Investigator of a national research project financed in1998 by MURST and is P.I. of a national research project submitted to MURST in 2000 in the field of Medical Physics. He is responsible of a research unit of the Center of Excellence "AmbiSEN", University of Pisa. He is author, co-author of more than 200 papers on international journals and has delivered more than 70 communications at national and international congresses. He has been on the international Advisory Committees of numerous international conferences in the field of instrumentation and medical physics. He is General Chair of the IEEE NSS MIC Conference in 2004 in Rome (Italy)
(1988- to date) - Editor in Chief of the journal "Physica Medica-European Journal of Medical Physics" (1998-2001)- Chairman of the Scientific Committee of EFOMP (European Federation of Organisations for Medical Physics))