Prof. Oskar Chomicki (Poland, PSMP) 2007

Oskar Adolf Chomicki was born in 1931 in Warsawa, Poland, graduated from the Physics Department of the University of Warsaw in 1954. He majored in solid state physics and taught problems in experimental physics, also preparing visual experiments for lectures in experimental physics given by Professor Stefan Pienkowski.
Dr Chomicki stayed with the University till 1957 when he was offered a position with the Postgraduate Medical School in Warsawa where he founded and ran a radioisotope laboratory attached to the Internal Clinic of the Bielanski Municipal Hospital. He was first to start regular diagnosis and therapy of thyroid diseases with J- isotopes and various other applications of radioisotope methods in medicine. He had received a thorough training in Sweden at the Radiumhemmet of the Karolinska-Institute in Stockholm and did research at the Physics Research Laboratory at Mass. General Hospital, Boston, USA. Until his retirement in 1992 he published several dozen papers in Polish and international journals, as well as co-authored several bocks on radioisotopes and medical accelerators.
Among the most notable achievements of Mr Chomicki was the establishment of the Polish Society of Medical Physics in 1965, the first society of its kind in Eastern European. The PSMP was to be soon affiliated to the IOMP. In 1965-68 and 1983-1992 in his position of the General Secretary he was in fact responsible for running the Society. Since 1965 until the late 1990s he was always on the Executive Board of the Society and in 1992 he was awarded the title of an Honorary Member of the Society.
Since 1966 until now (2006) Mr Chomicki has been instrumental in editing the Polish journal "Progress in Medical Physics" and later the Polish Journal of Medical Physics- in English. He has also greatly contributed to many meetings and conferences on medical physics both in Poland and world- wide, especially those involving the participation of foreign visitors from all parts of the world. In 1977 and 1993, two International Schools of Physics in Radiotherapy were held on the premises of the Marie Sklodowska- Curie Memorial Centre of Oncology in Warsawa. The School was co- sponsored by the IOMP and EFOMP .
Throughout his medical physics career, Mr Chomicki, especially when he held the position of the Vice-President and President of the IOMP (1997 -2006) and due to his activities in the EFOMP (in the 1980s) and elsewhere, was a chief liaison officer between the Polish medical physicists and the medical physics organisations the world over. In this capacity he has greatly contributed to the development of medical physics in his native country and of medical physics on the international arena.
Dr Chomicki's moral and professional integrity, his wide interests (not only in physics or medical physics), social responsibility and a great sense of humour combined with authoritative temperament have left a permanent and unique imprint on Polish medical physics in the past 40 years.