2nd finalised edition European Core Curriculum Medical Physics

MPE surveys

One of the issues EFOMP is dealing with is our relatively limited knowledge about the way in which the Medical Physics Expert role is undertaken in different countries.  To gain more data on this, we have developed an online survey and staffing level census for circulation to medical physicists in Europe.  We would be very grateful for your participation in both the survey (www.surveymonkey.com/s/mpe) and the census (www.tinyurl.com/efomp-staffing).

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ICRP Drafts

Tissue Reactions Report Draft for Consultation
Tissue Reactions Report Consultation Explanatory Note

The ICRP has produced a Draft Report entitled 'Radiological Protection Education and Training for Healthcare Staff and Students'. The document can be found at:

The EFOMP Education and Training, Committee has made its comments and they can be found at: