Membership of the European Examination Board (EEB)



EFOMP has asked its National Member Organizations (NMOs) to propose candidatures for the membership of the European Examination Board (EEB). EEB will award the European Diploma of Medical Physics and the European Attestation Certificate. EFOMP is pleased to announce the names of the volunteers to serve as members of the first EEB:

John Damilakis (Chair), Marco Brambilla (Secretary, non voting member), Mani Mannivanan (Treasurer, non voting member), Simona Avramova, Jorge Isidoro, Pawel Kukolowicz, Renato Padovani, Kay Uwe Kasch, Dimitris Visvikis



The EFOMP Examination Board (EEB) will organize its 1st examinations for

• the European Diploma of Medical Physics (EDMP) in the field of  ‘Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology’
• the European Attestation Certificate to those who have reached the level of the Medical Physics Expert (EACMPE) in the field of ‘Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology’

during the ESMPE Summer School in Prague, July 6-8, 2017. Deadline for applications: May 7, 2017.

Prof. John Damilakis
EEB Chair