Sustainability of the EMAN Project

header.gifAfter successful conclusion of the EC-funded Tender project to establish a European Medical ALARA Network, the three professional organisations involved – the European Society of Radiology (ESR), European Federation of Radiographer Societies (EFRS) and the European Federation of Organisations of Medical Physics (EFOMP) – decided to ensure sustainability of the EMAN network and signed a relevant Letter of Intent.

Dissemination and outreach play a key role in contributing to an effective safety culture in the medical sector. In that spirit, the Steering Committee members are pleased to launch the first edition of the EMAN Newsletter and hope you enjoy the read.

Highlights of the first edition include:

  • Activities & outlook of the new network
  • Outcomes of the EMAN Workshop in June 2012
  • EMAN Meeting at ECR 2013
  • Summary of achievements of EC-funded EMAN Project

Please click here to download the Newsletter.

The EMAN Steering Committee

Prof. Peter Vock (ESR)

Prof. Graciano Paulo (EFRS)

Prof. Renato Padovani (EFOMP)

For further information on the project, please visit