Advanced MRI and MRS imaging for radiation planning

Following the success of the Joint EFOMP / ESMRMB Session at the Antalya 2009 and Leipzig 2011 Annual Meeting, this experience was been repeated in Lisbon last Friday, October 5th, 2012. The session was focused on "Advanced MRI and MRS imaging for radiation planning". Undoubtedly, this session will be of major interest to MRI and Medical Physics communities alike!
Interest in MR is increasing both in clinical and research areas, particularly in radiotherapy for planning and dose calculation.

The session focused on the problems of MRI applications in radiotherapy, for different anatomic areas, using basic and advances MRI techniques for data reception and post processing.
Speakers and topics were organized by EFOMP representative Prof. Alberto Torresin in close collaboration with ESMRMB officer Prof. Fritz Schick.

During the session Alberto Torresin (Department of Medical Physics, Niguarda Ca’ Granda Hospital, Milano, Italy and Scientific Chairperson of EFOMP) provided an overview of the use of MR in radiotherapy, particularly treatment planning, where MRI has become an important imaging modality complementary to the use of CT. During the presentation it was discussed the minimum requirements of the Radiotherapy Treatment Planning System (RTPS), the state of art of the new treatments, and the requirements for image integration,  the state of art of imaging in radiotherapy concerning image for planning and treatment verification. Then MRI scanner technology was discussed concerning the minimum requirements of this modality to apply correctly in Radiotherapy (Uniformity of magnetic field and Image distortion) and advanced MRI images for RTP. Finally the future trends were discussed: hybrid system will be more and more important in the next future
The second lecture was presented by Prof. Frank Lohr, Dept. of Radiation Oncology
University Medical Centre Mannheim, Germany, 

He presented the state-of-the-art of clinical applications of MRI in Radiotherapy Planning starting from the general introduction on positioning errors in Radiotherapy; then he discussed the achievable precision with online-IGRT and the state-of-the-art of planning and verification for staging and treatment planning of CNS, liver, prostate; follow up and quality assurance staging putting MR in perspective with other imaging were presented during the session.

The combination of information from complementary imaging modalities is expected to have a great benefit in patient treatment; this fact is particularly relevant for target definition, which remains one of the most important sources of error in Radiotherapy. The solutions of these problems are “in progress” and a lot of researches in clinical applications are in discussion.


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Alberto Torresin


Frank Lohr


and  Fritz Schick