EFOMP conference within Alpe-Adria Medical Physics Meeting in Trieste

The last  EFOMP conference, Alpe-Adria Medical Physics Meeting in Trieste was important from different points of view: the number of EU country participants (from Austria, Croatia, Italy, Hungary, Slovenia), interdisciplinary sessions, the industry's exhibition, perfect organization and the good working relationship between the different country Chairpersons.

During the meeting a specific scientific session on the state of the art of various EFOMP activities was organized, concerning the following:

The Working Group in MRI presented by R Padovani on Safety in Magnetic Resonance Imaging and the EFOMP Recommendations.

The Working Group in DICOM presented by Annalisa Trianni on the DICOM standard concerning Medical Physics and Dosimetric aspects and the contribution to DICOM standard from the Medical Physics Community.

The Working Group on Mammography presented by Gennaro Gisella on international guidelines on Quality Control in Digital Mammography and a preliminary EFOMP proposal and document.

The Working Group in Education and Training presented by Carmel J Caruana on The EC ‘Guidelines on the MPE’ project: Qualification and Curriculum Frameworks for MPs and MPEs in Europe, EFOMP initiatives for the harmonisation of E&T for MPs and MPEs in Europe.

The present situation regarding the MEDRAPET project was presented by Stelios Christofides, while the present situation regarding

the EMAN was presented by R Padovani.

The close attention and many questions from audience ensured positive conference feedback.

The possibility to share at least some of these presentations serves to highlight EFOMP activities and promote future strategies.

The various presentations can be found here.

(Alberto Torrsin)