EFOMP'S New Web Site

As EFOMPs web site has been designed many years ago, it obviously needs some modernization both in terms of its design as well as its functionality and security.

Communication & Publication committee has formed a sub group which spend some time studying EFOMPs needs for a web site and all the content of the current web site.This group has decided that a completely new web site should be built with the following specifications
  • Responsive design which gives us more space for content. This kind of design is also mobile devices friendly which is very important nowdays.
  • A front page designed in a way to give a full overview of EFOMP's interests and involvements
  • Easy navigation without multi level menus
  • More dynamic content. We have to make our visitors bring content. Sites which succeed to this are always successful.
  • Everybody on the board and every chairperson should be able to upload and publish content directly without webmaster's intervention. This will make the site be updated always on time. 
  • A completely new web site is under development and we hope it will be soon running for your enjoyment!!
  • We will be happy to know your opinion and proposals and your comments. Please send them to: pubcommittee@efomp.org