Mission Statement

1. General

In most European countries there are National Organisations comprising as principal category of members medical physicists.

EFOMP was founded in May 1980 in London to serve as an umbrella to all National Member Organisations (NMO) in Europe.


2. Mission Statement

The mission of the Federation is

  • to harmonize and advance medical physics both in its professional clinical and scientific expression throughout Europe,
  • to strengthen and make more effective the activities of the NMOs by bringing about and maintaining systematic exchange of professional and scientific information, by the formulation of common policies, and by promoting education and training programmes.


3. Accomplishment of the Mission

The objectives for accomplishing the mission are

  • fostering and coordinating the activities of National Member Organisations in the field of Medical Physics and collaborating, where appropriate ,with national and international organisations, particularly the International Organisation for Medical Physics;
  • encouraging exchanges between the National Member Organisations and disseminating professional and scientific information through publications and meetings;
  • encouraging scholarship and the exchange of Medical Physicists between countries;
  • proposing guidelines for education, training and accreditation programmes including cooperation with institutions active in this field.
  • making recommendations on the appropriate general responsibilities, organisational relationships and roles of workers in the field of Medical Physics.
  • encouraging the formation of Organisations for Medical Physics where such organisations do not exist.


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