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Communications and Publications Committee (CP)


The CP Committee is responsible to the Council of the Federation for the representation and promotion of the application of physical sciences to medicine in the public. This includes:
• Management of the EFOMP website and Social media (LinkedIn and Twitter accounts) including a database of the addresses of the officers and delegates of the NMOs as provided by them.
 • Publication of the European Medical Physics News in electronic form.
• Responsibility for the publication of EFOMP policies and presentational material on the structure and activities of EFOMP
 • Maintaining contact to journals recognised as official journals of EFOMP.
 • Support for public relations activities and for the dissemination of information on EFOMP educational activities and seminars to enhance the education, competence and continuing professional development of medical physicists across Europe.
• Promoting international links among NMOs and other professional bodies.


  • Chairperson

    Paolo Russo
    Professor of Medical Physics
    Universita' di Napoli Federico II
    Dept. of Physics "Ettore Pancini"
    Compl. univ. Monte S. Angelo
    Via Cintia, I-80126 Naples, Italy

  • Secretary & social media administrator
  • Efi Koutsouveli
      Department of Medical Physics
    Hygeia Hospital
    Athens, Greece

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Working Groups

1.    Redesign of EFOMP’s website (2017) 


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