SIGs - Terms of Reference

Special Interest Groups Terms of Reference – Approved by Council, September 2009.
Modified in December 2011 to allow the creation of SGs under the Education and Training Committee.

European Federation of Organisations for Medical Physics

Special Interest Groups



Each Special Interest Group (SIG) will operate under the umbrella of one of the EFOMP Committees. Each SIG will consist of individual Medical Physicists with an interest in the field of the particular SIG.


Any Medical Physicist is entitled to become a member of any SIG by completing the application form available on the EFOMP website (

The fee for participating in each SIG is five euros per year, payable directly to the EFOMP Treasurer. This fee is set by the EFOMP Council upon the recommendation of the EFOMP Board.


Each paid up member of a SIG is entitled to:
Be elected as an Officer of that SIG
Participate in the events organised by that SIG at a reduced fee Receive free of charge all the documents prepared by that SIG Have free access to the SIG Blog.


Each SIG shall comprise of:
Any number of Individual Medical Physicists with an interest in the field of the SIG.
Liaison officers nominated by NMOs that have a similar SIG within their organisation to

facilitate collaboration and common activities.

The members of each SIG elect their SIG Committee that comprises of a Convener and Secretary and any other Officer the SIG deems necessary for its smooth functioning.

Each SIG has the freedom to decide on its operational procedures, provided that these do not contravene the EFOMP constitution.

The Convener of each SIG is automatically a member of the EFOMP Committee under which the SIG operates and is responsible for reporting on the activities of the SIG.

Terms of Reference

Each SIG is responsible to the EFOMP Committee under which it operates in pursuing the interest of its members. These include:
Organisation of sessions at the annual European Medical Physics Conference.
Organisation of courses, seminars and workshops of interest to its members.

Preparation and dissemination of codes of practice and other scientific documents of interest to its members (after approval from the EFOMP Council).

Setting up their own Blog for communicating with their members

SIG Committee Operation

The work of each SIG Committee shall be conducted mainly via email. An annual face to face meeting of each SIG may take place during the annual European Conference on Medical Physics at the discretion of each SIG.

The Secretary of the SIG keeps minutes of all the meetings of the SIG committee (Virtual and Physical) and submits a copy to the Chairperson of the EFOMP Committee under which the SIG operates, when these have been approved by the SIG Committee.