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  • What do we do ?
    EFOMP founded in 1980 serves as an umbrella organisation to national medical physics organisations in Europe. Read More 
  • Who are we ?
    Currently EFOMP has 34 members . Read More.
    We also recognise the contribution that individuals have made to European Medical Physics either by the award of the EFOMP Medal or of Honorary Membership.
  • How do we work ?
    EFOMP is run by a Board of Officers on behalf of Council. The Board is advised by a number of committees. Read More.
  • What is Medical Physics  ?
    Medical Physics is defined as the application of physics in healthcare. Read More.
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    We will be happy to answer any query that you might have.


Professional Issues

Medical Physics Profession in the European Union.

      • EEB
        EFOMP’s Examination Board (EEB) has been established to facilitate the harmonization of Medical Physics education and training standards throughout Europe.
      • Protocols
        Here you can find protocols on scientific issues that have been drawn up by EFOMP Working Groups and approved by the Council.
      • Memorandum of Understanding
        EFOMP recognises the value of developing strong working relationships with other societies working in the field of medical physics or related subjects. To this end it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with a number of organizations. These can be found in EFOMP Manual.